Vesele for Health Care Providers

Vesele® was tested in a U.S. human survey use clinical trial in men with low erectile dysfunction accompanying endpoints including:
  1. Erection Hardness
  2. Erection Maintenance
  3. Frequency of Sexual Encounters
  4. Desire for Sexual Encounters
  5. Overall Satisfaction
Vesele® was tested in a U.S. human survey use clinical trial in in women with low female sexual dysfunction showed positives in accompanying endpoints including:
  1. Desire;
  2. Lubrication
  3. Frequency of Sexual Intercourse
  4. Ability to be Aroused
  5. Overall satisfaction.

Background of Vesele

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women is a complex medical condition that can have various implications to one’s well being, happiness and quality of intimate relationships.

Vesele is not intended to be a one-pill fix. It is intended to promote healthy blood flow in a manner that promotes healthy sexual function.


Vesele Experience Marketing Survey


Surveys were given at initiation of trial, midpoint and conclusion. Half of the participants who completed the trial participated for 4 months. Those remaining who completed the trial participated for 1 to 2 months. For those individuals, surveys were administered at initiation and conclusion of the trial.

A five-point satisfaction scale was used. Satisfaction was summarized by combining scores from Mostly Satisfied, Satisfied, and Very Satisfied. Dissatisfaction was summarized using results from Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied.



1980 - The biological functions of NO (Nitric Oxide) were discovered and caused quite a stir.

1992 - NO was named molecule of the year by the journal Science. Later a scientific journal devoted entirely to NO was created.

1998 - The Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three men for the discovery of the signaling properties of NO.

It is estimated that 3,000 journal articles about the biological roles of NO have been published.


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