Background of Vesele

Sexual dysfunction in both men and women is a complex medical condition that can have various implications to one’s well being, happiness and quality of intimate relationships.

Vesele is not intended to be a one-pill fix. It is intended to promote healthy blood flow in a manner that promotes healthy sexual function.

Vesele is a Nitric Oxide power supplement containing 1000mg L-Arginine, 500mg L-Citrulline, and 5mg BioPerine® per serving (2 capsules). 2 servings (4 capsules) daily is the recommended amount for sexual health, equivalent to 5g of L-Arginine. The daily maximum amount should not exceed 6 capsules (3 servings), or the equivalent of 7.5g of L-Arginine.

5-7g of L-Arginine is the daily amount that has been shown in the literature to be effective in promoting sexual health (Chen 1999, Ignarro 2005). The high quality of Vesele is assured by the cGMP manufacturer, with ID testing and stability of 24 months. Vesele is marketed and distributed in the USA by Trōphikōs, LLC, an Atlanta-based dietary supplement company.

Many small trials have examined the use of L-Arginine supplements to increase blood flow and promote sexual health (Chen 1999, Kim 2003, Ignarro 2005). Comparisons between the trials are difficult to make due to varying amounts of L-Arginine used and the different endpoints used to determine 'sexual health'.

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