Product Reimbursement

Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) about Reimbursement

May I be reimbursed for Innovus over the counter (“OTC”) consumer care products by my Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (“Health FSA”), Health Reimbursement Arrangement (“HRA”) or Health Savings Account (“HSA”)?

Your Health FSA, HRA or HSA may reimburse you for the cost of OTC natural/dietary supplements on a pre-tax basis, if permitted under your Health FSA, HRA or HSA plan. Generally, a Health FSA, HRA or HSA may reimburse the cost of a supplement that is prescribed by your healthcare provider or that your healthcare provider recommends as treatment for a specific medical condition diagnosed by your healthcare provider.

How do I explore reimbursement for Innovus OTC consumer care products?

(1)     Discuss with your healthcare provider whether an Innovus OTC consumer care product is recommended for your medical condition.

(2)     Contact your plan or HSA provider to confirm whether the Innovus OTC consumer care product may be reimbursed under your plan or HSA as a nutritional or herbal supplement, vitamin or natural medicine. If so, confirm what documentation (for example, a prescription or other physician documentation) you must submit to be reimbursed for the cost.

(3)     It may be helpful to have your healthcare provider complete the attached form (“Information Regarding Innovus OTC Consumer Care Product Costs”) and provide it to your plan or HSA provider to discuss whether the cost of an Innovus OTC consumer care product is reimbursable and the documentation that you must submit for reimbursement. Please note that some plans or HSA providers ask that the healthcare provider’s recommendation to use natural/dietary supplements be provided on the healthcare provider’s office letterhead or a prescription pad to validate that the authorizing letter originated from the prescribing health care provider's office.

The plan or HSA provider will determine whether the cost of the Innovus OTC consumer care product is reimbursable in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. These FAQs are provided only as helpful information and do not govern whether a plan or HSA will reimburse the cost of any Innovus OTC consumer care product.

Please consult the IRS website for general information regarding reimbursable medical expenses.

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