Vesele® for Women

Sexual Health for Women

A survey conducted by the American Medical Association in 1999 indicates that sexual dysfunction affects approximately 43% of women in the United States.

The clinical definition of the female sexual response cycle consists of four stages of arousal, marked by physiological and psychological changes.

  1. The first stage is excitement, which can be triggered by psychological or physical stimulation, and is marked by emotional changes, and increased heart rate, respiration, and vaginal swelling and lubrication due to increased blood flow.
  2. Sustained excitement is called the plateau, the second stage. Vaginal swelling, heart rate, and muscle tension may increase as long as stimulation continues. The breasts enlarge, the nipples become erect, and the uterus dips.
  3. The third stage is orgasm, which involves synchronized vaginal, anal, and abdominal muscle contractions, the loss of involuntary muscle control, and intense pleasure.
  4. The final phase, resolution, involves a rush of blood away from the vagina, shrinking breasts and nipples, and a reduction in heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure.

A normal or healthy response cycle may be as poorly defined as a dysfunctional one. How women experience these stages varies. For example, some progress from excitement to orgasm rapidly and others alternate between plateau and orgasm several times before reaching resolution.

Female Sexual Dysfunction - The Mayo Clinic

Vesele® for Sexual Health

Vesele® promotes healthy blood flow by providing Nitric Oxide (NO) to all parts of the body involved in the Female Sexual Response including the brain, vulva, clitoris, uterus and glands responsible for lubrication (Bartholin’s Glands). Vesele also promotes healthy nerve signaling, which allows the brain and sexual organs for men and women to be more responsive to sexual arousal and attraction.

In a 72 patient U.S. human survey use Clinical Use Survey in women with low erectile dysfunction accompanying endpoints including Vesele® use resulted in the following: